The first EuroTaller opens in Argentina
Mecánica Percara opens its doors in Bahía Blanca.

Mecánica Percara of Bahía Blanca has become the first EuroTaller to open its doors in Argentina, establishing presence for the international leader in multi-brand workshops in the country for the first time.

On the 22 nd March, Mecánica Percara began operating as the first EuroTaller in Argentina, providing all the services offered by the more than 5,000 workshops in a network encompassing 23 countries. This event marks the beginning of the network’s expansion into the country.

Mecánica Percara (located in the city of Bahía Blanca) has joined the largest network of multi-brand workshops in the world. From now on, in addition to its extensive experience in the field, the garage will have access to high quality technical training and the most advanced diagnostics, information, and management tools. This will guarantee quality of service at an international level and offer maximum support for the workshop, with the most extensive range of high quality spare parts.

”Through our involvement in this project, we have achieved our ambition of having a workshop with outstanding facilities from which we can provide first-class services. We are convinced that with EuroTaller’s image and backing, we will be able to provide outstanding services to all our clients, through our knowledge and years of experience. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project, which today is a reality”, said Francisco Percara, one of the owners of the firm.

The additional advantages of EuroTaller

The EuroTaller network is supported by four fundamental pillars: information, training, marketing, and brand image. These allow independent workshops to respond to new challenges and be successful in a highly technological and competitive environment. Hence, motorists who visit EuroTaller workshops enjoy a superior experience and in turn, become the main promoters of the network.

In December 2016, EuroTaller announced their arrival in Argentina and in March 2017, began to work with their first representative in the country. The group’s strategy is to continue expanding, now in the city of Bahía Blanca, with the addition of Cassano Servicio Mecánico to the network.

The first spare parts supplier approved by EuroTaller

Spare parts dealers have a major role in the distribution chain, supplying the workshops in the network. The firm Repuestos Tato became the first spare parts dealership to be approved by EuroTaller and will work with the network via their two outlets in the city of Bahía Blanca.

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